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I understand what it’s like to search for a therapist in a big city like Toronto – we hope to find someone who feels like a good fit and with whom we feel a sense of comfort and connection. Of course it’s all but impossible to determine if a therapist is a fit for you within the confines of a 15 minute consult. Which is why I offer a no charge 30 minute consultation that includes what you would expect from any consult but also an opportunity for us to engage in a short therapy session – about 15 minutes. This gives you the chance to see me in “action” and to get a feel for how I conduct my sessions. It is my hope that through this “mini session” you will be better informed to make a decision about me as your therapist. 

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To book a consultation please fill out the form or contact me at the following email address: wmrorrowtherapy@gmail.com

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