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“Dissonance is the truth about harmony.”

— Theodor W. Adorno


Are you here for a specific reason or for reasons that you can’t quite put your finger on? If you are clear about why relational psychotherapy is for you, then let’s get started.

But if you are here without knowing why, then you are like most of us currently in therapy. If this is you, then you may be experiencing an “itch” somewhere in the back of your mind that you can’t figure out. One that you know needs attention. This “itch” is known as “dissonance” within the relational psychotherapy framework. Each of us experiences dissonance in different ways. Some of us speak of it as an “itch” that can’t be scratched. Others as an intuition that something is not quite right. Meanwhile, some feel it as a missing part of our being. Or an emptiness that needs to be filled with meaning.

However you experience dissonance, it is important that you understand that this itch, intuition, or emptiness is screaming out for attention. It is telling you that the time is right to get curious about it. It is therefore an opportunity to learn about yourself and move closer to the best version of who you can be.

Whether you have already begun on the path forward or are at the start, I can help you on your journey.


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