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“Life doesn’t make any sense without interdependence.
We need each other, and the sooner we learn that,
the better for us all.”

― Erik Erikson

Relational psychotherapy: My Approach

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Couples Therapy

Healthy relationships are a source of strength and love, and for most individuals this shows up in all areas of life — at work, at play, with friends and family. A healthy relationship can fuel us through our days, through challenges and adversity, and it can inspire us to be better. But what happens when our relationship isn’t working, when we don’t feel that love, connection or strength? For many our state of mind and body can be impacted as our relationship struggles. You might shut down, or pull away, you might experience resentment or anger or even confusion. You might feel alone. And it might feel like there is no way out, no way to repair what is happening and to get back to where you were when it was working.

All couples experience moments in relationships when things just seem to stop working. Often we are able to work through these moments on our own and find ways to repair and when this happens we find that our relationship is even stronger.
But sometimes you need another person to help work through what has gone awry. It’s not uncommon to seek the help of a trained therapist who can hold all of the different and challenging emotions that come up when relationships are not working.

As your therapist, I will hear and hold both of you where you are and together we can work through those emotions and help each of you to hear the other. I create a space where emotions can be shared, where feelings can be explored and where mutual understanding is possible. I am empathetic, firm and fair and I will work with both of you towards a better understanding of the other in our couples therapy sessions.

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