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“Life doesn’t make any sense without interdependence.
We need each other, and the sooner we learn that,
the better for us all.”

― Erik Erikson

Relational psychotherapy: My Approach

Woman standing on side of a rocky cliff, looking out at the ocean.

Relational psychotherapy holds that all of us grow, develop and emerge through the strength and weakness of relationships with others in our life. The quality of our existence is directly linked to the quality of those relationships. Often therapeutic needs arise when a developmental need has gone unmet – most often during our formative developmental years – leaving us with minor to major challenges to overcome as adults.

Relational psychotherapy seeks to identify and work within these areas of challenge or pain and to overcome them through a positive client-therapist relationship.

As a student therapist my area of focus is a work in progress. At this point in my theoretical and practical training, I am committed to keeping an open mind to all areas of therapeutic needs and to work with all members of society.

If you are someone seeking a new therapist or looking for their first therapist, I welcome you to consider me as an emerging therapist. I will embrace your story and work with you wherever you are on your journey towards greater self-awareness and improvement.


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